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The history of LLC MDO ``Rushdi Oriyon``

``In cooperation with us, your life will be better and happier.``

LLC MDO “Rushdi Oriyon” is a limited liability company created in the Republic of Tajikistan in accordance with the decision of the founder No. 01 dated June 03, 2014, as the Commercial Microcredit and Deposit Organization “Rushdi Oriyon”.

About us

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Today LLC MDO “Rushdi Oriyon” is one of the participants in the banking services market of Tajikistan, carrying out all the main types of operations intended for MDOs. 1 operational management in the Head Office building, 2 branches and 14 banking service centers throughout our country form the network of LLC MDO Rushdi Oriyon. We offer our customers all major banking products adopted in international financial practice.

Our service

Quality service

From the beginning of its foundation, LLC MDO “Rushdi Oriyon” has positioned itself as a promising, developing MDO for small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as for individuals. LLC MDO “Rushdi Oriyon” offers its customers a wide range of services. Having been working in the banking market for more than 5 years, LLC MDO “Rushdi Orion” has made a path of public recognition.

In cooperation with us,
your life will be better and happier.



If you have questions or want to contact us about one of the services offered, then please contact us.

Loans for all occasions!

Consumer loan

This type of loan allows you to purchase household items, televisions, computers, and other equipment. Money is also given out for routine and major repairs of residential premises, payment for training, and for celebrations.

Сельскохозяйственный кредит

This product allows borrowers to use the capital for growing crops, use it to buy seeds, fertilizers, pesticides, build greenhouses, purchase agricultural machinery and equipment, crop production, livestock, beekeeping, fish farming, poultry farming, and gardening.

Business loan

The development and expansion of business require regular investment. The question of the need for financial investments sooner or later arises for both aspiring individual entrepreneurs and quite successful businessmen. LLC MDO “Rushdi Orien” offers you a loan for the development of your business.

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